Immortal technique is a great rapper

It is an absolutely brilliant record and contains the stunning song "Dance with the Devil" which will haunt you for days if you listen to it. He doesn't want to go commercial. Ali and I spoke for some length about this. Even when he was with the Hot Boyz, he was the lone star holding that group up, then he went solo and took over the rap industry.

First of all, Immortal Technique is not a well known rapper. So that some of the kids there could actually have a chance to live, did you know that.

Although he frequently cut school and ended up being arrested time and time again for his wild behavior, the kid still managed to finish high school and got accepted to a state university.

Immortal Technique is a very rare and amazing artist in that he takes the bull by the horns and exposes many of the lies that the government tells us. Canibus — Probably one of the sickest lyricists out there and his freestyling ability is off the chart.

I can't tell you how far away from what I thought I would be doing this is. So yeah i think dance with the devil is average.

By coincidence, the Socialist Alliance national conference was on the weekend after the gig. In response to their lack of vision, Immortal Technique left the battle circuit and released his critically acclaimed Revolutionary Vol.

However, I plan on making my escape from that destiny.

Immortal Technique Is a Great Rapper

The result was a year sentence in the mountains, 6 hours away from the city. I have continued to develop, to understand more about the ever changing political spectrum. The music I make be violent at times, political in its attack, but the themes of sacrifice, love and accepting people for who they are run deep.

If you look up the song on iTunes, it gets nothing but Five star reviews and people rave about how when they first heard it, it blew their mind. Storytelling in a song format is something which shows the overall skill level of an MC.

Although he had escaped the belligerent poverty and social turmoil of life in the 3rd world, he was now residing in Harlem which had its own share of drama.

They are part of my life and the lives I have seen around me. His rap skill is still pretty raw, but considering that he is only 20 years old and just coming up in the game, he has plenty of time to improve.

Technique viscerally articulates the legitimate rage of those who are sick of their own oppression and that of their compatriots elsewhere and who want real change.

Just a pretty decent story with a plot turn. The song expresses the inequalities of the Third World and revolutionary events throughout history against tyranny and oppression. He also began to study in depth about the Revolutionary ideas that had caused a history of uprising in the indigenous community of his Native South America.

Haha, the only thing I could actually agree with you on is Tech not being so good in battles, like I said, he's not the BEST freestylist, he has some nasty freestyles, but he's not the best.

This song is Immortal Technique's first official international collaboration. Immortal Technique is the only rapper in history to have a "Hip Hop Quotable" while being unsigned.

I haven't heard from them yet, but maybe this article will get their attention. After the release of 's The 3rd World, the Harlem-based MC born Felipe Coronel took the proceeds from it and traveled to occupied Afghanistan to help Omeid International fund and build an orphanage.

What's really insane is that just about everything went wrong on that tour, minus the shows. Turning his eye to production and touching up some of the songs he had written in prison he now focused on trying to get an album together, but major labels wanted a more pop friendly image and were uncomfortable with his hardcore street style that was complemented by his political views.

I'm not ready to make a formal announcement yet, but yes, there is a book in the works, and when we have a title and release date, I'll be sure to let you know, my brother.

The 3 Timeless Principles of Describing Something in a Rap Song

What was the experience like pairing up with Brother Ali for those set of shows. I listened to basically all of his songs as a teenager and thought he was an amazing emcee, but iv grown out of it. If you thought that political hip hop was in some separate category, removed from hip hops roots, and that seeing a political act was some kind of dry and serious affair — think again.

They tend to steer clear of me and I know why. He told the crowd he was honoured to be so well received and after hyping the crowd up sufficiently got right into the all Spanish language Golpe De Estado. However there are several references, especially on his first two albums, where he sexually objectifies women and even refers to them sexually in a somewhat coercive manner.

Mar 27,  · Immortal Technique performs Sept. 7,at Rock the Bells in Devore. The rapper was arrested Thursday night after police say he and others. Immortal Technique Known by many as the king of the underground, his lyrics break the monotonous topics of drugs, cars, and bling that are featured in most rap songs.

Considered a political rapper, his rhymes often address current problems with the government and the people. Hamilton founder Lin-Manuel Miranda sent the Internet into a frenzy after he revealed, during his interview with WTF with Marc Maron, that rapper and urban activist Immortal Technique used to.

Feb 08,  · A rapper like Immortal Technique talks about politics and poverty and the problems that the middle class citizens in America seems to want to ignore. Therefore, they use horribly violent outlets such as that stream and intense underground rap beats and lyrics to get their message across.

It's gonna be great to be back in LA. New music is being mixed I have some features coming soon. @chinoxl @spmusik @poisonpenbk @swavesevah @cf @therealmrchoc and of course my bail bondsman and my lawyer will be in the building.

Immortal Technique Says Gangsta Rap Is Hip Hop Written by Davey D, Immortal Technique and Collin Sick ID Tuesday, 02 January - who are not familiar with the culture of Hip hop could be apprehensive.

Immortal technique is a great rapper
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Rapper Immortal Technique held on suspicion of robbery in O.C.